The Guide To Different Types Of Watches

Watches serve a very important purpose of telling time. It creates a disciplined look and thus enhances your overall personality and look. Watches come in a wide range of style and types. If you are going to buy a new watch, you can refer to this article to get a brief idea about the various types of watches. You can then decide the most optimum for you according to your interest levels.

Sports Watches

These type of watches are appropriate for sports persons as they are tactical. The sports watches offer a great precision and also provide a sporty look. You would find both digital as well as analogue watches under this category. I personally prefer analogue watches as they provide a classy elegant look that one would have always wished of having.

Chronographic Watches

These are the watches that have a separate sub-dials dial for representing hour, minute and seconds.

Pilot watches

These watches are usually worn by pilots. Skydivers and gliders also put on these watches. These type of watches are perfect for nomads who travel different countries.

Diver watches

These watches are capable of resisting water efficiently and so diver and sailors tend to use them. If you are also somewhat related to these kinds of professions, you can also prefer these watches.

Mechanical Watches

Some people are greatly interested towards the mechanical objects and so am I. I love the way these objects looks and works.

Mechanical watches are also of two types:

  • Manual Mechanic watch

  • Automatic mechanical watch

Both these types of watches are slightly different in their functionality. Know more about the online and choose the one for you.

Luxury watches

For those who have a keen interest in building a unique collection of watches can prefer these watches. There are various watch brands you can prefer, Rolex replicas being one of them. These watches are quite fashionable and also really affordable. Now, you can look trendy on your budget.

Rolex Replicas


This was a short watch buying guide that will help you buy the right watch for you. You can look for watches online from authenticating sites. If you ask me, I would go for the Rolex replicas as they fall on my budget. In this high recession, I can afford to buy original watches by spending a huge amount.