9 Tips To Select The Best Bearing For Your Applications

Bearing selection is sometimes very tricky as there are so many types of bearings available in the market like the deep groove, angular groove, angular contact, self-aligning, spherical roller, taper roller, thrust ball and many more. Selecting a perfect bearing for your desired installation of application depends upon various factors, out of which some are:

• Deep Grove is normally used for radial and thrust loads. Thrust loads can be 2/3rd greater than the radial loads.

• Angular contact ball bearing is used to support a combined radial and thrust loads and also the heavy loads are therefore, dependent on contact angle’s magnitude. The bearings which have large contact angles support heavy thrust loads.

Precision Bearings
Precision Bearings

• For primary radial loads, the self-aligning precision balls may be used. Extra care should be taken while selecting these kinds of bearings or thrust load which are generally greater than the radial loads.

• The spherical roller bearings are best used for heavyweight radial loads and with moderate thrust. Their have various self-aligning features, which are very useful for many applications.

• Cylindrical roller bearings use the cylinders with perfect diameter and length ratio ranging as rolling elements. These Cylindrical roller bearings normally are used for heavy radial loads. Especially used for free axial movement of the shaft.

• Taper Roller Bearings are also used for heavy thrust and radial loads. The bearing is designed in such a way, that the raceways intersect at a common point on the axis thus, true rolling is obtained. It requires maximum rigidity and the bearings can be adjusted for a preload.

• For low-speed applications, thrust ball bearings can be used, where other bearings carry the radial load.

• There are bearings like straight roller thrust bearings, which are made up of series of short rollers to minimize the skidding, which causes twisting of rollers. They may be used for moderate speeds and loads.

Needle bearings are those bearings which have length at least 4 times greater than its diameter. These bearings can be used where space is the factor, and inner race is sometimes available and sometimes not. If the shaft is used as the inner race, then it is grounded and hardened. Full-compliment type of bearings is used for high loads and for low speed. Cage type is used for rotational motion and cannot support the thrust loads most of the times.


Load and the nature of the load, the speed of the shaft, expected life of the bearing and the nature of the environment are some of the factors which needs to be considered before buying a perfect bearing for your applications.

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