Mandatory Factors To Be Considered Before Choosing Unisex Wardrobe


Since there are several kinds of fabrics available the buyer will lose among them thus it becomes difficult to select the right fabric for unisex dressmaking. One should have a thorough knowledge of the various forms of fabrics and their quality as well. Due to rapid changes in technology, it has become easy to select them with the help of various websites guiding the person through any experienced textile designer or its specialist.

worsted wool fabrics
worsted wool fabrics

Things to be considered in mind before selecting fabrics for yourself.

Analysis of occasion and geography of the place: It’s very important to wear fabric according to the occasion. For instance, if someone has to attend a wedding ceremony then choosing a lightweight material like cotton can be a wrong selecting instead they can choose a bright or heavy fabric with shiny colour.

Weather of the place: You will find many fabrics that are especially preferred as per the weather such as people usually wear cotton and silk in sunny days on the other hand rayon or mixed fabric is preferred for winter or rainy days. So its better to keep in mind the atmosphere if you don’t want to suffer.

Colour and complexion: As we know that both men and women carry different views about their clothing. A man usually wants to wear formal and neutral colour yet women like to try different colour and complexion as well. Thus always keep in mind about their personal taste and preference before you opt for any of the fabrics.

Consider the budget: Before moving to a fabric always try to find appropriate fabric within the budget. Never choose anything that disturbs your saving. Actually, it basically depends upon the type of outfit in which the fabric will have to transform. For any special outfit we can have some extra expenditure on that but not for a casual wear.

Some of the fabrics suitable for men’s suiting

When men’s suiting is considered we must have a great taste and little bit bigger budget to shop the best fabrics. Nowadays wool collection has been in the trend which is mainly categorized into two categories:-

Worsted wool fabrics: This fabric is quite soft and silky with a bright texture specially designed for men’s suiting with a different colour palette.

Merino wool fabrics: Its form of fabric made from an ancient breed of sheep which is often blended with other fibres like silk, cotton, and cashmere to give a smooth texture to the business or formal wear.


Selection of right fabric is one of the most important parts of your outfit rather than even its designing. You can check out various new patterns of fabrics which have been updated from time to time simply with a Google search or can follow any of the trusted website known for the best guidance.