9 Ways To Keep Your House Clean Everyday

The nine simple ways are listed below to keep your house neat and super clean:

Nettoyage Blainville
Nettoyage Blainville

Create public and private places in your home: Public space, i.e the space that your home visitor would be seeing at once while entering the house. These spaces include the drawing room, dining room etc. If these spaces are clean, it will create a wonderful impression on your guests. Other rooms can be a little clutter as only close ones would enter those rooms!

Do simple things: After having a meal, you should clean all the dishes. If you don’t do this, all the dishes would be kept for many hours and the whole kitchen would stink badly. This task can be eased when you train all your family members to wash the dishes used by them by themselves!

Dump out the undesired items: There are several undesired things which you don’t dump and that only occupy a space in your room and is of no use. You must sort out the unwanted things and dump it as soon as possible.

Set the timer and clean your house daily for at least 10 minutes: Contribute 10 minutes daily to keep your house clean. You can also engage all the family members so as to make your task even simpler!

Keep the floor clean: The floor of public space of your house should always be free from the undesired piece of papers, toys, and other similar things. If you have kids at your home, tell them to play in rooms only and don’t clutter other places of the house.

Use doormats: Use of doormats would keep you drawing hall clean. You can also use doormats in other rooms as well so as to keep all the rooms clean.

Make the beds: After a good night sleep, it’s important to fold the sheets and arrange the pillows soon. If your beds are clean, your room would look cleaner with no more effort.

Keep your bathrooms clean: Don’t forget to clean your bathrooms daily as a lot of infections occur from unclean bathrooms only!


These are the things you can do daily to keep your house clean. When you keep your house clean every day, you would be free from the burden of cleaning the house when any of the guests or relatives are about to arrive! You can also book Nettoyage Blainville online so as to get the best cleaning service for your house.