7 Tips To Use Microsoft Excel Effectively

7 Tips To Use Microsoft Excel Effectively

Excel is basically a spreadsheet program that allows users to store and retrieve information in an organized set of rows and columns.

There are some awesome tips that would help you use excel better. These are:

1. Pivot tables: With this, you can sort the data. It will not change the original data but can be used for summing up the values of specified columns or arrange them in a particular order. It’s up to you which function you want to perform with pivot tables. For example, if you have entered the details of students in a spreadsheet and you want to know the number of students in the class, you can do this with a click.

2. Add more than one new row or column: When you work on the spreadsheet, you may need to add new rows or columns as per your need. It would be daunting to add rows/columns one by one. There is a simpler way also. You just need to select the same number of existing rows and columns, right click on it and select Insert. The specified number of rows and columns would be inserted into your spreadsheet.

3. Filters: When you work on a spreadsheet, you may need to look at only those rows which are following certain criteria. For this, the need of filters emerges.

4. Remove duplicates: A large data sheet may contain duplicate values. You can easily eliminate the redundant values easily. Just click on the Data tab and select Remove Duplicates.


5. Transpose: Suppose, you are working on an excel sheet. You have done half of the work, and then you realize that you have entered all the row values to columns. In that case, you don’t need to worry. You can do this by using the Transpose function.

6. Simple calculations: Excel allows you to perform simply as well as complex calculations with an ease. All you need to do is to specify the operation you need to perform on selected rows or columns.

7. Conditional formatting formula: This feature allows you to change the color of those rows or columns which a satisfying a certain condition.


Excel is an important tool for Microsoft Office. You can down the complete Office suite a office.com/setup .