Weeds are sometimes automatically grown in lawns, parks, farm fields, and garden as unwanted plants. Weeds have some certain effects in agriculture. Many times it shows harmful effects on plants and agriculture crops. But it also has some benefits. It helps in many biological functions such as nitrogen cycling etc.

Not everyone is aware of the benefits of weeds and people usually removed or thrown out the weed plants from their lawns or gardens. But there are many benefits that weed plants can give to your garden and crops. Many gardeners plant weeds to take the advantage of weeds and utilized the benefits in the farming system. The weeds are not easily available everywhere. You may get hard to find, for convenience you can also buy weed online.

Here some beneficial effects of weeds are –

  • Weeds act as a vegetative cover of the plants and crops. It protects the plants from soil erosion which is caused by rain and wind. A ground which is covered from the weeds helps to reduce the amount of bare soil and conserve nutrients and especially nitrogen which can be leached away from the soil.

  • Weeds play an important role to perform many biological functions of the plant such as nitrogen cycling. Roots of the weeds tap nutrients from the depth of soil and provide these nutrients to the soil surface as litter when the entire weed plants get dies or shed their leaves.

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    buy weed online
  • Weeds also add organic matter to the soil from both ground parts and roots. They are also a source of pesticides which provide insecticides. It increases effectiveness for biological control of pest and protects from pest damage.

  • Weeds play an important source in wildlife. Weeds provide food and cover to the animals. Wild animals are depended on weeds for food and shelter and for survival. It also helps to increase the population of birds. It acts as a resource to revive birds.

  • Weed plants play an important source of genetic materials of the agricultural plants for crop improvement. For example, breeding to get resistance to pests and diseases. They breed with the genetic materials of the weed plants with the crop plants.

  • Weeds also serve as host for beneficial insects and also provide nectar for bees at the same time.


It is not necessary to throw away or remove the weeds. It provides beneficial effects to the plants when occurring at low densities.