Tips To Connect Your TV To The Internet

The Internet is a vast source of content and it can also be used for the entertainment purpose. On early days, TV can only be used with the analog cable connections, while now we can also use digital cable connections and you can also connect your TV with Internet.

The new smart TV can directly connect to the internet connection using an Internet network options available like LAN cable, Dongle, Wi-Fi etc. While you can also use some digital devices which can help you to connect your TV to the internet connecting device.

Here are certain tips to convert your TV into the smart TV.

Laptop or PC

You can use your laptop or PC system and can attach your TV as a monitor and you will be able to enjoy the Internet service on much bigger screen. What you need is an HDMI port option in your TV and Laptop both. You can connect these two devices by using HDMI cables. But you may find it very laboring to use your laptop or system keyboard each time when you want to operate your TV. You can use Wifi mouse and Keyboard to avoid this types of problem.

DLNA devices

While you can also use DLNA device to connect your TV to your Laptop or system. It is a technology which allows the connection between two DLNA enabled devices.


MHL cables

If you are using your mobile devices as an Internet provider to your TV and you do not want to use Wi-Fi option then you can use MHL cables which can connect your mobile devices to your TV where it’s one end is connected to TV HDMI port while another is connected to the mobile port with an internet connection.

It is very easy to use as your phone screen will be shown on the big screen of TV and you can play your TV using your mobile and can use the Internet.

Smart Boxes or Internet TV box

You can use the Internet on your TV using Mobile or your Laptop or System while there is a much better option which is much more convenient and suitable. You can get smart digital boxes just like the digital cable set-top box while it takes the less space since it is compact and small in size and you can use remote of your smart box to operate your TV. You can also buy IPTV subscription while getting a Smart Boxes and there are companies which give these boxes with IPTV subscription.

Dongles or Smart stick

There is one more device which can provide your TV smart feature by allowing its Internet connection. The HDMI pin of the TV can connect to the Internet by using Smart Stick or Dongles. It works on the basis of an app installed in the dongle. This device needs minimum space and there are no wire connections needed.

There are so many ways to convert your ordinary TV into a smart device and use internet on your big TV screen. Watching pictures and Movies on big screen gives much better experience than watching it on a small screen.

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