3 Ways That Shows Technology has changed TV

Technology has been leading us to achieve the new height in each and every field. Television is also one of the most popular creations of technology which is now increasing day by day. Over the past decade, there is so much growth in the TV technology and it is still rising. The picture clearance quality and the color advance effect of the new television able to make the TV programs more entertaining for people. While the broadcast technology has also changed a lot and being shifted from analog signal broadcasting to digital signal broadcasting. Now you can also use the Internet as an option for watching your favorite TV programs wherever you want using an Internet connecting device.

Here are the 3 big changes that technology brings to the TV.

Analog To Digital:

In the previous decade, most of the people use analog signals through cables for watching TV. Analog Frequency medium wave is provided to the users through the antennas and cables and it was prone to fading, snow, and ghosting of signals. But with the upcoming of the digital broadcasting, It started gaining more popularity in people around the world as it provides better crystal clear picture and sound quality.

HD quality or HDTV

With the advancement in Digital Technology, the TV starts becoming slimmer and flatter. While people started to dislike the old box shape TV and started liking the new flatter and slimmer screens TV. It also got enhanced with better crystal clear picture and sound quality. With the high boost in the resolution pixels of the TV, the images of the picture became sharper and clear. The upcoming Televisions are showing 4k pixels which are considered as the ultra high definition in which you can widen the pictures up to 1080 pixels. It gives the authority to viewers to look the details of the picture which you cannot find in an older box shape TV.

TV via Internet


With the increasing gain in the popularity of the Internet and the growing internet users population, the cable providers are becoming more obsolete. Using Internet there are so many options available while you can watch the movie on demand or can subscribe to any Internet TV services. With the high-speed Internet, it became possible to watch your favorite TV shows and programs online without any interruption. You can watch TV on your Internet connecting devices like your PC, Laptop and even in Smartphones. While you can also use a device called set-top box which is used to connect your TV to the direct Internet or you can also get Smart TV which can connect to the Internet. You can also subscribe to the Online Internet TV services which are also called IPTV where you were provided with your own private network where you can watch thousands of channels, Live programs and movies in your TV.

Over the decade there has been so much change in the television and people also having much more expectation from the TV industry. The improvement in the quality of TV broadcasting has been amazing. While it became one of the best media of the mass communication around the world.

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