A Pillow plays a role in providing a better sleeping posture and quality of sleep. It helps to maintain the proper alignment of the body. It supports head, neck, shoulders, back, spine and all body parts while resting and sleeping. Although sometimes pillow may cause some allergies and stiffness when it is used for a long time.

You should know when to replace your regular pillow to reduce the chances of allergies and discomfort.

But before buying a pillow you should know certain things about the pillow and your sleeping position which helps to find the right pillow for you.

Here some factors that you should know before buying a pillow 

  • Filling/fibre 

There are a lot of options are available in pillow filling. Every material has its own advantages. It all depends on your needs and preferences.

    • A down pillow is made up of goose downs and feathers. They are extremely light and soft. It is quite popular for its comfort and warmness. Hungarian goose down pillow is best down pillows as they are made up of the Hungarian goose.

    • Synthetic downs are less expensive than natural down pillows but they are hypoallergenic and need more frequent replacing. They tend to less soft than natural down.

    • Wool and cotton are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust molds and cold. Wools are more effective to regulate your body temperature during winters.

    • Memory foam has become a popular choice in recent years especially who are suffering from head and neck pain. They are best for hypoallergenic and are ventilation built.

      Goose down pillow
      Goose down pillow
  • Fill weight 

You need to consider the weight of the pillow according to your preferences. The downs and feathers pillow is light in weight while memory foam and latex pillows are heavier.

  • Thread count 

You should consider the thread count of the pillow. Thread count refers as the number of threads are in per square inch. Higher the number of thread count defines the quality and comfort of the pillow.

  • Size 

The size of the pillow matters according to your body size and shape. The larger or smaller pillow may affect the alignment of the body.

  • Quality of the pillow 

The comfort, support, and longevity of every pillow differ with its price. You need to choose the right pillow which suits your budget and has a good quality.


The right pillow is very important to maintain the body alignment and helps in improving to get a better sleepAll above mentioned things and your sleeping position helps you to get a right pillow for you.

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