An ambulance is a medical transport which takes sick and injured people to and from the hospital during emergencies. A medical emergency may occur to anyone and due to various reasons such as breath shortness, cardiac arrest, bleeding, during accidents and in many critical cases.

It ensures patients safety and care and reliable in saving the life in an emergency and in accident cases.

An ambulance has a team of paramedics which are specialized in airway management, patient’s assessment, cardiac monitoring, blood circulation, breathing etc with necessary equipment which can be helpful during an emergency.

Air Ambulance
Air Ambulance

There is a number of varieties of ambulance vehicles which prove useful in the different medical emergency. It includes vans, trucks, helicopters, airplane, buses and even ships. Helicopters and airplane ambulance comes under air ambulance. Air ambulance is quite popular and proven to be fast and saving lives of people in an emergency over long distances and foreign countries.

Following are the importance of ambulance plays in an emergency are –

  • An ambulance is a lot more than a vehicle. It is a pre-hospital system which includes a doctor, nurse, driver, emergency equipment or a team of well-trained paramedics. They provide instant treatment and medication to ill injured people and save lives of many patients.
  • It offers facilities to reach hospital or treatment center in an emergency with medical treatment. It provides instant and life-saving efficient treatment to the patient during an emergency.
  • The advanced ambulance is designed with full of necessary equipment such as a ventilator, ECG, oxygen drugs, stretcher, oxygen cylinders, defibrillators, medicines etc. which can prove useful in critical cases and can save the life of a patient. It helps to provide medication while reaching the hospital.
  • Paramedics of the ambulance play a major role in the medical emergency. They determine that the patient need to be taken to the hospital immediately or treated on their emergency scene. The paramedics are specialized and well-trained to deal with cardiac arrest, accidents, profuse bleeding, fall injuries and many more.
  • An ambulance is not only available to grounds, they are also available in the air. It helps to take the patients in an emergency over long distances for treatment. It is also equipped with necessary medical equipment which helps to take care of the patients.


Life is important than anything else and the ambulance plays a major role in saving lives. The immediate first aid which is provided by the ambulance can make a real difference.

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